“50 years is a long time” said Bill himself! So… we just had to have a celebration. The kids of Bill & Judy helped put together a Happy 50th wedding anniversary party which took place at the Jersey Shore Elks Lodge. Everyone had a blast! Young & Old we all had some fun. Just take a look at the pictures and video…

Now Judy knew there was going to be a party for them while Bill had no idea. Either way I don’t think any of them was expecting to have a party this big or this fun. As soon as they walked in the door and made there way over to the curtains DJ Seth Introduced them as the guests of honor celebrating 50 years of being together. Everyone was excited to see Bill & Judy.

Shortly after Bill & Judy arrived everyone got settled in so the kids could do a speech. The Speeches was heartfelt and made tears come to the eyes. We then had a blessing before dismissing everyone to the dinner buffet. Food was brought in by Fry’s Turkey Ranch (along Rt. 15 in Trout Run) The food was Delicious let me tell you it had to of been the best homemade mac & cheese I have ever had!!

After dinner Bill & Judy shared a special dance together as husband & wife for 50 years all before cutting the anniversary cake… oh speaking of cake The fed each other a small piece of that cake… oh heck what am I saying… Judy smashed that cake in Bills Face but then Bill returned fire… It just goes to show you that your ever too old to smash cake in each others face.

After all activities was complete everyone got to enjoy open dancing. There was also a few kids that kept running around so in order to help with there attention span DJ Seth brought out the GLOW-STICKS  😀 we even had the chance to do the hokey pokey and chicken dance! Check out the pictures and video below.

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