Looking for a true country redneck wedding? Well you found it. Tim & Kelly had their wedding reception on the outskirts of Montoursville, PA at a private residence whom he had known. A working barn wedding with dirt as its floor. REAL outhouses for bathrooms (not port-o-potties). A pig roast for dinner and bunch of booty shaking for later on in the night.

To help bring out the look of the barn, Tim & Kelly opted for uplighting. We had used some beautiful fall colors to uplight the walls of the barn. Now as you might be able to imagine this wedding was outside in a barn… it was cold this day and had just rained and was muddy; but do you think that stopped these people from having a good time? No! For the grand entrance what we did was amazing. I had the wedding party come in our side door and then once I announced our newlyweds the matron of honor and best man opened up the doors behind the head table to make the grand entrance.

After dinner and all our activities we had a lot of dancing that took up a couple hours. We had Kelly and some of the guests taking the microphone (which I normally don’t allow) and singing along to the songs… just all in all to have the time of their lives. check out the photos and video below.