one word that would describe this wedding…. FINALLY! Amanda & Mark finally got married today after knowing each other since middle school and then dating for about 10 years. We can finally said they finally tied the knot and officially married today. Their wedding took place at a separate location than that of the reception and while it was challenging it was beautiful…

The reason why I used the word challenging for describing the wedding ceremony was simply because of the location and the way it was set up. I unfortunately couldn’t do a rehearsal the night before due to having another wedding the night before. Normally when a couple hires me to do a wedding ceremony we also do the rehearsal the night before but in this case I couldn’t. So what made this challenging? Well it was at a location called twin bridges, let that sink in for a moment.

Twin Bridges was simply a beautiful location. The thing that was challenging was the fact it was two long narrow bridges and what I thought would be hard to project sound so everyone could hear the couple say their vows. As always I want the best for each and every couple that I work work and as you can imagine trying to project sound with limited sources for way over 100 guests on a long, narrow bridge with water streaming below creating that natural flowing sound. I must however say everything was a huge success!!

I later talked to some guests during the cocktail hour at the reception venue in which I asked how the ceremony went. I had a pretty positive response and some that said while they couldn’t see Amanda or Mark they could hear them from the back. This made me extremely happy knowing this. It simply pays to invest in ceremony sound and I’m so glad Amanda & Mark trusted me to do so for them.

For the reception we had a very packed (non-stop dancin) dance floor. So much loved was shared on this special day and I absolutely loved their wedding theme. Being that Amanda & Mark have been together for about 10 years you can only imagine they would have many adventures together. They have literally traveled the world together and thus incorporated that into the wedding theme. Theming included travel destinations as table numbers and if you wanted to know “where in the world” you were sitting you’d find your luggage tag before traveling to your table. Also they featured a globe for their guestbook. Take a look at some of the very few photos we was able to capture as well as video.