Wow! what an amazing day it turned out to be for Timothy & Tiffani (try saying their names together 10 times). It was a beautiful day in September and things went so smoothly. Leading up to their special day I talked with Tim & Tiff many times on the phone and even had a in person meeting to go over all the small details. If I remember correctly, it was Tim that told me how they meant way back in high school… They had study class together and Tim was always “hitting” on Tiff. 

It wasn’t until college that Tim looked up Tiff on myspace (who uses myspace anymore) … I guess those were the days. They eventually starting talking and ended up going on a date… and well that leads us to now. Tim just had to do something right in order to win Tiff’s heart. Tim I can tell is the type of guy who likes to have fun and can be goofy at times and well embarrassing to Tiff but that shouldn’t matter because you can tell the love they have for each other.

For their wedding we pretty much went all out. We had music and audio for their wedding ceremony which was held just outside the barn, we had photobooth, uplighting, a custom monogram, and a whole bunch of DANCING!! (we even brought out the foam LED glow sticks which everyone enjoyed) Take a look at some of the photos below along with the video that was made to highlight their wedding. Guests wanting to view photos from the photobooth can click to www.mixmasterphotobooth.com (you’ll need a password to enter the gallery.. click password hint)

Venue: Colonial Pines Special Occasions 

Photographer: Anna T. Photography 

Caterer: Feast Of Flavor Catering

Highlight Video: Films By J