Dan & Patty | Lime Ridge Community Center | Bloomsburg, PA

Would you believe me if I told you that this couple meant through walmart? How about if I told you they both have the same last names (before even getting married.. and no they wasn’t related.. lol) Well its true! Now Dan & Patty choose to have their wedding way before ever having reception. In fact they held off on ever having a reception until October. This is when Dan & Patty contacted me saying they were already married but wanted to have a reception celebration. A small reception none the less but with a big boom. 

Matt & Jesse’s Wedding | The Elks Club | Lock Haven, PA


Matt & Jesse’s meant at a young football game that their sons played at and started dating. It was a few years into their relationship that Matt would ask Jesse to marry him. I’m not sure exactly how Jesse found me, but I’m glad I she did and I was able to provide services not only for her and Matt’s reception, but also provide music and audio for their ceremony at a separate location.