Williamsport Wedding- Ben & Lisa (Park Place)


Today we provided music for both the ceremony as well as reception all in one location for this Williamsport wedding. Being held at park place on the corner of West Fourth Street and Campbell Streets this old historic building used to be home of a hotel for guests arriving to the train station that ran right by it. Ben & Lisa are not from directly around this area in fact we had guests coming as far away as Michigan to celebrate with are newlyweds. I never had the opportunity to personally meet Ben or Lisa before the wedding and while I normally don’t recommend this I believe everything went flawlessly and well with the planning we did do via our online planning forms. 

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Hughesville- James & Jalina’s outdoor wedding celebration


A beautiful day really helped play a awesome role in this outdoor wedding celebration! Both the ceremony and reception took place outdoors on a private location just outside of Hughesville, PA. I first meant Jalina during a consultation with another bride in which she was best friends with (one of her bridesmaids). She had asked me if I was free for a date just two weeks after the wedding we was currently planning. She explained to me that she basically was already married and that this would be the “true real wedding day” when they celebrated 3 years… let me explain…

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