Williamsport Wedding DJ, Dancing on the clouds: Acacia Club- Jared & Erica


I meant Erica & Jared at a high school senor project wedding expo to help raise funds for autism awareness last year in Lock Haven, PA. After chatting and getting some details and meeting with them outside the expo I knew I had to step up my game (in which I always do) I knew Erica was a tad bit anxious. Originally they told me the wedding reception would take place at the Clear-story at the PJ Factory but then just 2 weeks before the wedding the event changed to the beautiful Acacia Club in Downtown Williamsport.

Morris, PA- Zach & Heidi’s Country Farm Wedding



Zach & Heidi both grew up on a dairy farm about 40 minutes from each other never knowing it until the day they meant in college at Penn State University. Both Heidi & Zach took up similar majors during school it wasn’t until the field trip out to Washington State for the dairy science club when they started to talk to each other. The conversation went as so: “Hey, Your from Tioga County? Me too!” from there they started talking more regularly and this would be a start of what would become a everlasting friendship.