Online Event Planning

The Most Advanced Online Planning Tools Available…

  • Planning Forms
  • Music Request Lists
  • Timeline Of Events
  • Online Payments
  • And More…

Let’s face it technology is growing and everything is becoming digital now-a-days. We have moved into the era that taking notes with pen and paper is so old school, Its all now done by a computer.

MixMaster Entertainment Services has made the move to become more digital, and with this being said we no longer are sending out a bridal planning packets or checklists for your next super sweet 16 birthday bash but rather instead giving you online planning tools to help create the next best event.

There are many benefits in which you can take away from this including:

  • 24/7 Access (Need to make changes? You can quickly do so anytime… Just make sure you click save often)
  • Popular music lists (stuck on some music ideas? let us help!)
  • No more worries about loosing information or having to update us. (We get an email every time you click save)
  • Make online payments (all payments are processed via PayPal)

It really is simple and easy to use and can really help to save on headaches of filling out paperwork and mailing it back. Make a mistake? rather can scribbling it out on paper you can just now simply delete your mistake without having to use the write out.

Want to see some screenshots? take a look below:


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